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Lease-to-Lesson Program

If you don't own or lease your ow horse, we offer lease and partial lease options. Whether your goals involve competition at the top levels of showjumping, or learning to ride, we will make an appropriate match to help you meet your riding goals.


Lease-to-Lesson Program

  1. Lease or Partial Lease Fee

    • Reserves a horse for you to ride

    • Monthly, short, and long term options

  2. Board or Partial Board

    • Includes your share of care

    • Monthly payments

  3. Lesson Package

    1. Customize your riding program based on your availability

Competition Calendar

Mill Pond Farm is available to attend all ESP and SFHJA horse shows. Attendance at other shows, such as The Ridge, Deeridge, Venince, WEC, and other away shows are available upon request.

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